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How important is it to have a smart phone friendly website?

Responsive web design is more important than ever now that Google has made a change to the way it reviews and evaluates websites.

Google now gives browning points to websites that use responsive web design.

What is a responsive website?

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Doesn’t everyone have smart phone friendly websites?

Unfortunately no. Given the fact that Google now almost frowns upon businesses that don't have smart phone friendly websites, it’s surprising the number of websites in Sydney that don’t use responsive web design. Without naming names, a number of Australian businesses that rely on their website to represent them and attract new customers, don’t use responsive web design.

Sydney is no exception to this. Living in Sydney I visit a number of Sydney based businesses on my smart phone and I’m always frustrated when I come across a site that isn’t a smart phone friendly website.

The cost of making your website smart phone friendly is now relatively low. Given this, and given the fact that there are so many website businesses in Sydney that offer a responsive web design service – there’s no excuse for businesses that don’t have a smart phone friendly website.

We can help you

Day Dream Websites Sydney specialises in upgrading websites to be smart phone friendly. Contact us now and we can review your website and share any ideas we have on making yours - one of the best responsive web designs in Sydney!

Prove it!

There is a ton of stats that clearly show that since the iPhone was released in 2007, the number of people using smart phones to access websites has been increasing. A smart phone friendly website shows that the business cares about the end user’s experience. Websites that use responsive web design are ofcourse much better at getting engagement with potentials customers who are using a smart phone.

Customers who are using a smart phone will naturally stay longer, visit more pages and most importantly are more likely to make an enquiry. Making it easy for your potential customers to make contact with you is critical for any business, so it makes sense to use responsive web design, especially in Sydney where the competition for most business is fierce.

More information

For more on this topic, feel free to talk to Sydney based website expert Tim McQueen who can go into more detail on what’s involved in getting you a responsive web design. Tim's based in Sydney and loves talking about websites and all things digital.

Examples of responsive website designs

Day Dream Websites Sydney is using the below responsive website designs to build websites.

Smart phone website design Sydney Smart phone website design Sydney Smart phone website design Sydney

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