About the client

Tank Stream Labs (TSL) is an award winning Sydney company that offers co-working office space to mobile, ecommerce and software entrepreneurs and start-ups. TSL has their main office in Sydney and many partnerships around Australia and internationally.

In February 2017, TSL engaged Day Dream Websites to build their new website. 

Quick facts

  • Client Tank Stream Labs
  • Sector Technology
  • Start date 2017
  • Project length 2 months

What we did

The journey in detail

Our tried and tested process

We listened to our client

How we did it

To ensure there was a common understanding of the project goals, we met with the company’s General Manager and reviewed the company’s existing website. We listened to TSL’s pain points and the ambitions for the new website.

We took a good look at TSL’s business goals

The aims of this project were to:

  • create a website that generates more interest in our client’s offering
  • communicate the unique selling points that our client offers to their potential clients / customers
  • showcase partnerships with other Australian and international companies
  • free up time of the staff who were updating the website by making the process of maintaining the website easier and more efficient.

We then came back to our client with a tailored road map to turn the website into an effective marketing tool that would both showcase its success and generate new business.

listening and learning from clients
listening and learning from clients

How we solved the problem

We built a professional website that uses a beautiful design and engaging content to generate interest in our client’s product.

We made the process of building the new website smooth and straight forward for our client by running the project in a very well planned and organised way. We continually checked in with our client to ensure they were both informed and happy with the work being done on their site.

planning the project
We created a plan to solve
the challenge for our client.

What we delivered

This project was delivered on time and on budget. Each and every pain point was addressed and solved by this new website. Some key results are:

  • the new website is now secure and friendlier to search engines
  • our client’s website now has more engaging content which highlights the benefits of their offering
  • better website uptime
  • the website is easier to use, especially on mobile devices, and
  • potential customers and partners are now seeing a more professional and modern website.

Brad, the project owner, received nothing but compliments on the new website and he in-turn, passed on his thanks to Day Dream Websites.

Old website New website
Fast loading pages No Yes
Up-to-date information No Yes
Recent photos No Yes
Effective search tool No Yes
Search engine friendly No Yes

See what our client told us about what we delivered.

Technology company website
We delivered a solution,
in the form of a new website.

Stats and facts

A General Manager talking about the benefits of one on one interaction with the team
Video length: 1 minute, 11 seconds

What you'll see: Feedback from client, CEO of Tank Stream Labs, on the service he received from Day Dream Websites.

  • Uptime 15% increase
  • Time on site 25% increase
  • Bounce rate 63% decrease

Tim took a personal approach to this project as he sat with us in person to understand our pain points and the goals for our new website. Bradley Delamare, General Manager
Tank Stream Labs, 2017 Bradley Delamare Bradley Delamare Bradley Delamare

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